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Back in the XVIII century Russia territory consisted of eight provinces, one of them was Siberian one which was located on the lands of Siberia and the Cisurals. Siberian Province included the Russian village Kiiskoye. This land was famous for its deposits of placer gold, white clay, peat and the purest artesian water. Due to its location on the main Moscow-Irkutsk postroad the village Kiiskoye developed, and subsequently it was transformed into Mariinsk town. Vodka «Sibirskaya Guberniya» was named after the historical homeland. The purest artesian water from Siberian Province is part of the vodka, giving it special taste and natural softness.

Composition: rectified ethyl alcohol made of food raw material «Luxe», improved drinking water, sugar syrup, food additives: acidity regulators: sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid.