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SVK won the Grand Prix!
The quality of the Siberian Vodka Company's products was evaluated at the EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS 2020 competition.
We can't go back without a victory. Part 2.
Siberian Vodka Company awarded with 7 gold medals at the International competition EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS 2020.
We can't go back without a victory. Part 1.
Hat-trick of Russian Shick! The entire line of Russian Shick vodkas was awarded with gold.
SVC at the «PRODEXPO-2020»
February 10-14, 2020 Siberian Vodka Company takes part in the largest food forum - PRODEXPO 2020 International exhibition.
We care about what brings you joy.
The Siberian Vodka Company took care of the Alaskan Malamutes, their comfort and good care.
G'DAY, Аustralia!
Siberian Vodka Company is entering new continents.
«Золотая осень» одарила золотом!
На 21-й Российской агропромышленной выставке «Золотая осень 2019» Сибирская Водочная Компания получила очередную золотую медаль и диплом.
The priority is QUALITY.
The products of the Siberian Vodka Company were tested for safety requirements and nutritional value of food products.
It is time of the Master of the Steppe.
Replenishment in the line of one of our leading brands! We are glad to present you a novelty from the Siberian Vodka Company – vodka «Master of the Steppe»!
SVC continues to conquer Europe.
These days in Dusseldorf, Germany, Siberian Vodka Company takes part in ProWein 2019 the 26th specialized exhibition of wine and spirits.