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The history of production of the Siberian Vodka Company is related to the history of the production of alcoholic beverages in the city of Mariinsk. It began in 1867 with the production of alcohol at the Petrovsky Distillery, created by the merchant of the 2nd Guild, Viktor Petrovich Cherdyntsev. As a result of the state wine monopoly in 1894, it was decided to build 300 wine treasury warehouses throughout Russia. According to the Tomsk province and the Semipalatinsk region it was decided to build 8 state warehouses in the county towns, including in Mariinsk under number 3.

The construction of the wine warehouse in Mariinsk had an administrative and economic justification - it was a district center through which the Siberian route and the railway passed in a fairly densely populated grain-growing region, next to the operating distilleries. Since 1902, the production of table wine (vodka) has begun in Mariinsk. In 1937 an alcohol factory was built, later became a combine.

«Siberian Vodka Company» LLC was established on the basis of the structural subdivision of the vodka department of JSC «Alcoholic Combine», the largest alcohol producer in the Russian Federation. The enterprise is located in Mariinsk, Kemerovo region, on the banks of the Kiya river. The city is surrounded by the Siberian taiga and located in an ecologically clean corner of Russia, far away from major industrial cities.

The main activity of the company is the production, storage and supply of manufactured alcoholic beverages (vodka).

The quality is priority

The main task of the Siberian Vodka Company is to provide consumers with high quality products.

In addition to its own assortment, the company is engaged in deliveries of third-party assortment in the territory of Kuzbass.

Serious point is the fact that it is exclusively legal alcohol with all the necessary accompanying documents.

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