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About production


A good product is created where the technology is observed and strict control is carried out at all stages from the receipt of raw materials, auxiliary materials to the finished product; where there is purity and order, where flowers blossom and music plays; where there is an atmosphere of conscientious attitude to the process of preparation, creating a drink that meets all the requirements that satisfy every taste of the consumer. Therefore, the «SVС» in the range of more than 80 names of its own brands and trademarks of third-party rightholders.

The company constantly improves production technologies, introduces innovations, develops new original recipes, continuously and carefully controls the quality of products at all stages.

Location in ecologically clean area
The plant is located in the city of Mariinsk. Surrounded by Siberian forests and taiga on the banks of the clean river Kiya. Fresh air, unique in its properties and composition of water, untouched by nature, nature - everything for the production of good vodka.
Unique artesian water
Unique artesian water from wells with a depth of more than 300 meters. Natural water is not subject to preparation, it only cleans from mechanical impurities. The water values exceed the requirements for the preparation of alcoholic beverages.
Only selective ingredients are used
The richness of the Siberian nature in the form of herbs, berries, walnut, used in the preparation of aromatic alcohols, infusions allows you to get a unique taste and aroma of vodkas.
Multistage filtration
The production of vodka products goes through many stages: cleaning and filtration, polishing and maturation. After each cycle, vodka is given a «ripen». Filling alcohol is carried out after it gains strength and acquires a harmonious taste.
International quality certification
International certificate of compliance of the food safety management system with the requirements of ISO 22000: 2005. The document, issued by the French center AFNOR Certification, allows you to export alcoholic beverages from Kuzbass to 154 countries.
Spills the world-famous brands
Siberian Vodka Company spills a wide range of its own brands and trademarks of other rights holders. Based on the license agreement, the plant carries out the bottling of world famous brands like Stolichnaya vodka and Moskovskaya vodka.


Without a professional approach of employees of the enterprise, without their conscientious attitude to the production process, there is no high-quality product. The enterprise employs dedicated people who share a true love of production.

Creating a special atmosphere in the workplace allows you to prepare vodka, the taste and flavor of which would please any consumer.

The individuality of premium vodkas, hand-decorated, conveys the pride and respect for their products with the warmth of the employees' hands.


If necessary, it is possible to pass additional vodka through the plant      
    With filters for removing bitterness
Cleaning by sand filters for separation mechanical impurities
Filtration with activated charcoal, which adsorbs impurities and simultaneously catalyzes oxidative processes
Repeated cleaning through sand filters provides detention fine particles of coal, creates transparency of vodka
«Silver Filtering» — vodka passes through the filter from the finest silver threads. The drink is enriched ions of silver
Filter additional post-treatment
Control Cleaning through the installation polishing filtering gives special shine and shine


The products are divided into two groups - classical and special vodka.

In the classic - sugar, honey, infusions. In special which is also called as fragrant vodkas, the technology adds aromatic alcohols, prepared from vegetable raw materials, most of which grows on the territory of Siberia.

The company produces vodka - «Economy» and «Premium» class, the production of souvenirs in porcelain products.



At the tasting competitions and specialized exhibitions the quality
of the output is estimated at 162 awards.
gold medals
silver medals
"star prodexpo"
bronze medals