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RUSSIAN SHICK vodka special

Manufacturer country:

Special vodka «Russian Shick» is produced at the Distillery located in an ecologically clean region of Siberia, where there are no industrial enterprises for 200 kilometers in any direction, that is why it is absolutely clean product from the environmental point of view. Vodka «Russian Shick» combines the tradition of making «bread-wine» at the merge with the latest technology. Selected grain and special natural additives, caressing the softness and unique taste, crystal clear water, the talent masters – that is hidden in an elegant vessel. The original recipe of special vodka «Russian Shick» includes a high quality malt grain alcohol «Lux» manufactured by Siberian producers; Mariinsk crystal clear artesian water; Siberian natural honey; infusion and aromatic spirit of taiga gifts - cedar nuts. Russian Shick – the privilege of the strong!

«Russian Shick» is the drink of the highest quality, dressed in impeccable shape. Exclusive massive rectangular bottle looks solid through and through. Etiquette and contradict made of metals jewelers manually, striking a radiant glow. Luxury engraved frame adds chic and elegance and the premium nature of the product. Russian Shick is highly appreciated by discerning consumers:
- 4 grand Prix «Star of ProdExpo» - the highest award of the international tasting contest;
- golden medal «ProdExpo» in the category «Innovative product»;
- 9 gold medals;
- 2 silver medals;
- the diploma of the winner of the regional competition «Best Kuzbass brand».

Recognition and appreciation, and numerous awards at prestigious exhibitions and competitions inspired professionals on a range of «Russian Shick»!

Composition: rectified ethyl alcohol made of food raw material «Luxe», improved drinking water, tincture of alcoholized cedar nuts cleaned, aromatic spirit of pine nuts, pure honey.