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  • Мариинские Просторы обретают новую внешность.

The Mariinskie Prostory takes on a new look.

On the anniversary of the Mariinsk - new Mariinskie Prostory!
Мариинские Просторы обретают новую внешность.
To mark the 300th anniversary of the company's production site in the city of Mariinsk, Siberian Vodka Company has prepared a rebranding of one of the leading products - the Mariinskie Prostory vodka. It takes its roots from the traditions of the oldest Siberian city of Mariinsk, which was famous in Russia for its gold mines and rich merchants. In the Mariinskie Prostory found a combination of good traditions of making "bread wine" and the latest technologies for the production of alcoholic beverages. We sincerely congratulate the residents of the city on the anniversary date. We wish you stability, development and prosperity!